Keeping your kitchen compliant and safe

Keeping your kitchen compliant and safe

In a busy food operation, you probably don't even think about your grease filters, they're just there building up dirt, fat, oil and grease. Not only are they the first part of your extraction system, but they are also a legal requirement in the prevention of fire and compliance with health and safety. There are many other benefits to having clean filters, such as improved kitchen cleanliness and reduced levels of carbon dioxide, to ensure top air quality for your staff.


Our sustainable service 

Our sustainable approach to grease filter cleaning means all fat, oil and grease collected is recycled to create biofuel, biogas and fertiliser, supporting renewable energy, diesel and growth of vegetables across the UK. We work hard to protect the environment, by reducing our carbon footprint, becoming a paperless company to using only environmentally friendly products.

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“Having clean kitchen grease filters helps to reduce fire risk, air pollution and downtime. How often do professional caterers have time to notice the build-up of grease, let alone do anything about it?”

– Ian McKay – MD, Fellow of the Institute of Hospitality and former Chef.

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Did you know…

70% of fires in commercial kitchens originate in faulty extract ventilation systems due to build-up of fat, oils and grease

Having your filters correctly cleaned prevents major fire hazards and is required by: National Fire Protection Association, International Fire Code, insurance providers, and is heavily enforced by health inspectors and fire marshals.

Improper cleaning can invalidate insurance policies

That’s why it’s important to identify the exclusions of your insurance policy because many insurers demand regular deep cleaning of filters which, let's face it, is inconvenient and time-consuming. If you do suffer a kitchen fire and can’t evidence that you’ve been having your filters correctly and thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, your insurer may reject your claim.

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Kitchen Filter Cleaning at Royal Society of Chemistry in Central London

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