Client Case Study: Glyndebourne Opera House

Glyndebourne Opera House in Sussex have been members of Just Filters client community since 2018 and currently use our grease filter exchange service to keep their mesh and baffle filters clean and complaint.

Over the least 35 years we have worked with a large community of different food serving establishments, providing a full range professional kitchen cleaning services, across Sussex, Isle of Wight and surrounding areas.

Glyndebourne Opera House is situated on a beautiful estate near the village of Glyndebourne, approximately 55 miles south of London. The opera house itself is an architectural gem, featuring a 1,200-seat auditorium designed to provide excellent acoustics and an intimate viewing experience for the audience.

One of the standout features of Glyndebourne is its exceptional dining experience. The opera house offers a variety of catering options to enhance visitors' enjoyment of the festival such as the Middle & Over Wallop Restaurants which provide a fine dining experience, serving exquisite cuisine created using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. The menus are carefully crafted to complement the opera performances, offering a culinary journey to accompany the musical experience.

We’ve been using Just Filters service since 2018 and found the process and the service provided so seamless. We’re informed prior to visit as to what date the filter service will take place but also what engineer will attend site. The engineers are always so friendly and professional.

We use the service not only to keep the extraction clean and not overloading our workload in house, thoroughly clean filters, completely stress-free process from our side.  Also, to be compliant with our fire regulations and our insurance policy.

The engineers on site are also very helpful in assisting us whether we may need to bring a service forward due to using the area in a different manner. All in all, very professional company and a pleasure to work with.

Head Chef
Dining at Glyndebourne

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