Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We are sure you will have any number of questions regarding our specialised kitchen filter cleaning service. Hopefully the FAQs below will answer some of those questions. However, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and our expert kitchen filter cleaning specialists should be able to answer all your questions.
Yes, we can provide new replacement filters as well as our exchange service. However, if you sign up for a 12 month filter exchange contract with us you will receive a new set of filters for free.
Grease collected over a period of time is hard to remove and cleaning by hand means you won’t be able to reach inside the filter, so you’ll only ever be cleaning the surface meaning that they remain an ignition point. If you put the filters in the dishwasher, particles of metal from the filters will shed into your dishwasher and a build up of these metal particles will eventually break your dishwasher. The excessive amount of pure grease contained within the filters means that a film of grease will remain on your dishwasher walls which will then contaminate dishes washed in the machine thereafter. Dishwasher detergent contains aggressive chemical cleaners which will degrade the integrity of the grease filter. Additionally uncontrolled discharge of FOG (Fats, oils and grease) from a food service establishment into the mains drain could contravene Section 111 of the Water Industry Act 1991 and result in the water and sewerage company bringing a prosecution against you with recovery of their costs and a potential fine if proven. Furthermore any in-house cleaning will not be independently recorded as required by your insurance.
TR19 Guidelines state that periodic specialist cleaning of canopies, filters and associated drains and traps in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations is best practice and as the canopy is an area of higher fire risk, consideration should be given to more frequent cleaning in accordance with insurers' requirements.
Frequency will depend on several factors for example the number of covers each service and the type of food you cook however your best indication will be in the small print of your insurance policy. Not everyone is aware that it is specified until the worst case scenario happens and you experience a fire; the loss adjuster will then ask you about the clean frequency and ask you to provide evidence of the correct and proper cleaning of your filters. If you’re unable to provide that evidence or haven’t complied with the stated frequency, it may result in your insurance cover being void. We provide electronic evidence of service visits and certificates for each service for you to be able to demonstrate due diligence. Once you’ve confirmed acceptance of our quote, we will come out and survey your canopy and will recommend a frequency which can of course be adjusted once service has started to suit your needs.

Baffle Grease Filters / VeeVent Filter

Manufactured from stainless steel the VeeVent Baffle Filters will allow the trapped grease to drain directly from the filter into drip trays and they are easy to replace and clean. These Baffle Grease Filters work by forcing the grease laden air through several changes of direction as it passes through the filter.

Mesh Grease Filters Type AGMB

These high quality Metal Grease Filters type AGMB are used on those kitchen extract systems where the canopy filters functionality and economics are paramount and where the grease load is relatively low. These kitchen Grease Filters consist of a rigid aluminium frame, with a knitted wire Mesh Filter pad.

No, not without adjustments to your canopy or installing a new canopy. Canopies are built to house specific types of grease filters. For example, baffle filters have holes which allow the collected grease to drip off into a gully built into the canopy. If you have a mesh filter canopy and put baffles into it, then the grease will have nowhere to drain other than down your wall and onto your cooker top and food. Additionally the fan within the ventilation system will be set to provide the correct ventilation for the type of filters you have, changing the type of filters will put additional strain on your fan which will be expensive to repair/replace.

That’s not a problem, just keep us informed of your holiday dates and we can work around when there will be somebody on site
We ask you to provide us with a preferred window of opportunity to visit and complete the exchange, either side of service.
If you miss the service because of us, then we’ll reschedule you at the earliest opportunity free of charge. If you miss your service because of something happening at your end or because of a situation you’ve failed to provide details of then we will still offer you the opportunity to be rescheduled but a cost will be attached to that ‘unscheduled’ additional visit.
After each service you will be able to download a certificate from your exclusive membership area of the Just Filters website. This area also contains a history of exchanges and emails to provide an auditable trail of service as well as a standard fire risk policy statement that we suggest you use as part of your risk register.
All filters are cleaned in accordance with TR19 Guidelines.
Yes, once we’ve provided you with a free, no obligation quote of the annual cost to you of our service, you can choose to be invoiced monthly, quarterly or annually whichever suits your business best.

Did you know?

Grease build up is a major cause of fire in commercial kitchens
Kent Fire & Rescue found that 70% of fires in commercial kitchens originate in faulty extract ventilation systems due to build up of fat and grease.

Improper cleaning can invalidate insurance policies
If you were to check your insurance policies, you will find a clause that states any fires due to uncleaned kitchens will not be covered in the policy.