Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services For Schools, Universities and Education Centres

Our experienced and professional team offer a range of cleaning and filter services for every education centre across the UK. With Ofsted requiring ever increasing standards within schools, it is key your kitchen, filters and canopy are regularly cleaned to a professional standard. We understand that your kitchen is at the heart of having a clean and compliant school.

A working kitchen is a dangerous environment and employers have a duty of care to ensure that kitchen staff have a safe and comfortable environment in which to work, but they also have a responsibility to protect all pupils from harm including risk of fire. Keeping a clean extraction system and grease filter network will prevent a grease filter fire and reduce the spread of fat, oil, grease, odours and fumes.

Our sustainable service
Here are Just Filters we're passionate about protecting and enhancing the environment through our sustainable service. This allows us to offer complete services to all types of kitchens and their extraction systems, including cleaning and inspecting:
  • Complete school kitchen deep clean
  • Grease filter exchange service
  • Ducting and ductwork
  • Canopy filters
  • Replacement filters including mesh, baffle and wool

Over the least 35 years we have worked with a large community of schools, universities and education centres, and our team are experts in providing complete kitchen solutions to meet all requirements. Find out more about our commercial kitchen cleaning services across the UK.
Client Case Study: Cranleigh Preparatory School
Cranleigh Preparatory School have been members of Just Filters client community since 2019 and currently use our grease filter exchange service to keep their mesh and baffle filters clean, complaint and in full working order.
Client Case Study: Kingston Grammar School
Our experienced team offer a range of commercial kitchen cleaning and grease filter services for every education centre across across London, Essex, Kent and UK-wide.