Our Sustainable Service

Here at Just Filters we're passionate about protecting and enhancing the environment, that's why we:
  • Offset our carbon footprint by planting 40 trees every month, saving over 36 tonnes of CO2 every year. We arrange our service rounds to ensure that the journey is necessary and efficient, reducing the wear and tear on our vehicles and fuel consumption. Our service relies on our ability to drive around the UK, but that doesn't mean we can't do it as sustainably as possible.
  • Operate as a paperless company, so you will have access to a private online client portal on our website, where you can download a service history and certification for all service visits.
  • Use UK made, high-quality metal Grease Filters whether they be baffle, mesh or wool.
  • Clean the filters thoroughly with eco-friendly products and correctly at our warehouse, where we ensure that no grease enters the drainage system.
  • All the fat, oil and grease we collect is recycled to create biofuel, biogas and fertiliser, supporting renewable energy, diesel and growth of vegetables.
  • All our company vehicles are checked daily, regularly serviced and repaired to ensure efficiency and they display the How’s My Driving? sticker, inviting the public to feed back on the driving style of our drivers to ensure that safety of the drivers, as well as other road users is front and centre of our service. 
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Client Case Study: Bedford Hospital
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Kitchen Filter Cleaning at Royal Society of Chemistry in Central London